Staff Page

Vasil Diyamandoglu, PhD

Vasil is the Director of NYC Materials Exchange Development Program and a tenured assistant professor of Civil Engineering at the City College of New York’s Grove School of Engineering. He holds a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. He teaches courses in Civil/Environmental Engineering on water quality and solid waste issues. As part of his MEDP responsibilities developed a graduate course on materials recycling and reuse offered under the interdisciplinary Sustainability Masters Programs at CCNY. His current research interests include materials reuse and recycling for urban sustainability, time dependent deterioration of materials’ properties, water footprint analysis of materials reuse and recycling, and water reclamation and reuse. Previously he has carried out extensive research on applied potable water quality issues in the greater New York area.

Vasil has been involved in NYC WasteMatch and NYC MEDP since their inception and was instrumental in bringing both programs to their current home at CCNY. He hopes to see the programs flourish and become an integral and contributing component of the materials reuse sector of New York City.

Benjamin Rose

Program Manager
Benjamin Rose currently serves as Program Manager for NYC Materials Exchange Development Program. Previously, he served MEDP as Member Services Coordinator for three years. During that time he helped develop and implement a range of support programs for the NYC materials exchange and reuse sector. These programs include the annual and first ever NYC Reuse Conference, various workshops and networking events, the NYC Materials Exchange Certificate Program, as well as a series of information resources available online. Before working with NYC MEDP, Ben worked in the nonprofit sector as a manager of networking programs and research conferences in both the United States and Europe, with Gordon Research Conferences. Ben has his Bachelor of Arts degree from the State University of New York, and a Masters of Arts from the City University of New York.

With his strong personal interest in both the nonprofit sector and material resource conservation, Ben believes strongly in the social, environmental and economic benefits of materials reuse. He is proud to be a member of the NYC MEDP team and work with the NYC Reuse Community.

Adanna Roberts

Program Administrator, NYC WasteMatch
Adanna Roberts has worked for NYC MEDP, as Manager and Administrator of the NYC WasteMatch program, for the past four and a half years. She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Studies from Connecticut College in 2006 and received her Masters of Arts in Environmental Conservation Education from New York University in 2009. She is passionate about educating individuals about the need to protect and preserve the environment for future generations.

Bryant Pippin

Program Coordinator, Member Services
Bryant Pippin is the Member Services Coordinator of NYC Materials Exchange Development Program (NYC MEDP). Previously Bryant worked in Dallas, Texas as Volunteer Coordinator at Family Gateway, a homeless center for families. Prior to that, he worked for the Texas Campaign for the Environment in Dallas focusing in electronics recycling legislation and landfill regulation issues. He is a graduate of Austin College in Sherman, Texas where he attained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Bryant loves the satisfaction of helping people come together to create a positive, long lasting difference.

Lorena Fortuna

Project Coordinator, Data Management Project
Lorena Fortuna joined the Materials Exchange Development Program (NYC MEDP) in 2011 as the coordinator of the Data Management Project that will determine the environmental, social and commercial impact of reuse organizations in New York City. A civil engineer originally from Brazil she received her Masters degree in Environmental Engineering from the City College of New York in 2010. She is very enthusiastic about the sustainable use of our natural resources, and finding ways to minimize our adverse impact on the planet. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Environmental Engineering at the City University of New York, researching the impact of reusable materials on the environment.

Caitlin Reid

Program Associate, Member Services
Caitlin Reid, a graduate of the University of Michigan (Environmental Sciences) completed her academic work specializing in Coping with Global Disturbances and Climate Change. In addition, she has done work for the Oakland County Conservation District Office (MI) and the Sustainable Alternative Energy Council at the University of Michigan. With her experience in the academic, public and private sectors, Ms. Reid brings her life-long passion and enthusiasm for resource conservation to the NYC MEDP team as a Program Assocuiate and looks forward to contributing to the NYC reuse efforts.

Jim Ditto

Program Associate, NYC WasteMatch
Jim Ditto, being no stranger to the NYC reuse sector, recently worked as a volunteer coordinator with one of New York’s reuse organizations— Materials for the Arts. Originally hailing from the Seattle, Washington area, Jim is a former U.S. Marine Corps sergeant; a graduate of The Evergreen State College; and was an english language assistant at Lycée Tristan Corbière in Morlaix, France. Before moving to New York, he also worked for an earth-friendly landscaping company in Seattle. An avid composter, recycler, reuser, artist, and lover of all things “green,” Jim brings, along with his extensive and diverse experience, a deep commitment to environmental issues in NYC’s Reuse Sector with NYC MEDP, as a Program Associate with NYC WasteMatch.

Thomas Marano

Research Associate, Transportation Project
Thomas joined the Materials Exchange Development Program (NYC MEDP) in early 2012. He serves as the primary Research Associate for our study regarding transportation and logistics. He is currently a graduate student within the City University of New York as a Master of Applied Social Research. Well versed in both qualitative and quantitative methodology, Thomas has experience within the field of pharmaceutical market research. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from CUNY Queens College in Sociology and Business. Thomas hopes to continue his work with a career in researching the social, economic and environmental issues for the purpose bettering the lives of others, and is proud to be a member of the NYC MEDP team.