Our Services


NYC MEDP aims to help promote local materials exchanges and reuse centers, and encourage their long term sustainability by providing a wide range of free services, including:

Donation Referral Service: NYC WasteMatch

NYC MEDP's WasteMatch program is an online materials exchange service that matches generators/donors of reusable “waste” and surplus materials to users/recipients. Often, the WasteMatch program works to match businesses looking to donation with nonprofits looking for donations. In the process NYC WasteMatch helps clients reduce disposal costs, generate revenue, and/or obtain raw materials for free or at low cost. As member service, organizational members of NYC MEDP are provided with managed account, which includes one-on-one service for those organizations looking eliminate excess inventory, or locate those hard to find donations. For more information, visit wastematch.org

Professional Development & Training

As per member suggestions, NYC MEDP has developed and implemented a variety of workshops and professional development training designed to assist reuse professionals and organizations in developing and improving their operations. These include:

The NYC Materials Exchange Certificate Program
This program is a series of eight interactive workshops that provide FREE professional development training for administrative staff and associates of reuse programs. This program includes sessions on: Goal Setting & Program Design; Board & Volunteer Management; Marketing; Tax, Risk and Liability; Budgeting & Fundraising; Warehousing & Logistics; Reuse Retail Management; and Program Evaluation & Outcome Measurement.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
As of August 14th 2009, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) signed into effect the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) in response to hazardous materials found in the making of toys. This piece of legislation specified the unlawfulness of selling recalled products. Additionally, children’s products cannot be sold if they contain more than 300 parts per million (ppm) total lead, even if they were manufactured before August 2009.
How familiar are you and your organization with the CPSIA? Are you aware of what kinds of screening you need to ensure compliance? Because resellers that sell products in violation of the new limits could face civil and/or criminal penalties, the effects of this law on the reuse sector can be potentially great. This workshop is intended to educate Sector Members on the existing laws affecting materials donations and sale and the ways to protect their organizations from violations.

Don't Let the Donated Bedbugs Bite
Bed bugs have increasingly become a topic of concern throughout the reuse sector, yet very little is known about them. While their name implies the habitat of these pests, the name may be misleading. These blood-feeding insects do not inhabit strictly mattresses. Bed bugs are most commonly spread, unknowingly, by the transportation of clothing, luggage, furniture, and bedding; even inhabiting small cracks in walls and flooring. In addition, according to the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, bed bugs can even live for several months without feeding. This educational workshop, developed by NYC MEDP in collaboration with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, will focus on the NYC bedbug epidemic, as well as preventative practices and extermination methods, and what every Reuse Sector Member needs to know in order to protect themselves and their organization.

OSHA Warehouse Standards Seminar
This interactive workshop is co-facilitated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and NYC MEDP will review the safety standards that all materials reuse programs need to know about safety standards, code compliance and best practices.

Promotional Services

For it's members and affiliates NYC MEDP offers a series of services and resources for the purpose of promoting, educating and generating awareness of both the benefits of materials reuse and related environmental issues, as well as on the ceaseless work carried out by the organizations that manage the City’s reuse, recycling and environmental education industry.
Such resources include:

The NYC Reuse News
NYC's only newsletter dedicated to all things reuse

The NYC Reuse Directory
An online resource profiling members of NYC MEDP's Reuse Network

NYC MEDP's website & social media, which provides valuable up to date information about regular news, events, job opportunities, and a catalog of online resources for members

Research & Development

NYC MEDP began in 2004 as venue for Research & Development on the NYC Reuse Sector, an activity which continues to be an integral part of its operations. Beginning with the comprehensive first-of-its-kind assessment of the NYC Reuse Sector in 2004, NYC MEDP helped highlight the wide range of organizations which facilitate the redistribution of reusable materials and the vastly diverse material handled within NYC. This assessment also helped NYC MEDP more fully understand the diverse venues by which the sector redistributes materials, including virtual and onsite materials exchanges, thrift stores, creative reuse centers, social services, and charitable donations programs. In additional, this initial research project established the foundation for development of NYC MEDP as a membership network, providing programs and services which a designed to support the NYC Reuse Sector.

NYC MEDP currently continues its Research & Development in two of its major ongoing projects:

NYC Reuse Sector Data Management Project (DMP)
The goal of NYC MEDP's Data Management Project is to develop a system that will use data provided by individual NYC MEDP Members to describe their environmental, social and economic impact. This is a FREE service for members in order to provide them with a resource for their marketing, reporting and advocacy endeavors. For more information contact: info@nycmedp.org

NYC Reuse Sector Transportation & Logistics Project (TLP)
As with the DMP, The NYC Reuse Sector Transportation & Logistics Project is a result of consistent member feedback from NYC MEDP Members regarding sector-wide challenges and needs. An ongoing collaborative project, the TLP is aimed at creating an informational and technical resource for the purpose of expanding the transportation capacity of NYC Reuse Sector. This project, central to NYC MEDP’s activities, encompasses collaboration with member organizations, members of the Department of Civil Engineering at the City College of New York, the Department of Sanitation's Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling, and members of the commercial trucking industry. For more information contact: transportation@nycmedp.org

Networking Opportunities

NYC MEDP is home to New York City's Reuse Network, a community of organizations working together to facilitate, educate and support the redistribution of second-hand or reusable materials within NYC. These organizations range from thrift stores to green building and deconstruction companies; as well as, advocacy groups; charitable drives; social service organizations; ecology centers; and creative arts programs. While network members may vary widely in their overall missions and size, the commonality of all these organizations is their work in preventing valuable resources from ending up in the waste stream. NYC MEDP provides a center for this community to meeting and network in a variety of different venues, including:

Annual NYC Materials Reuse Sector Conference
The Annual NYC Reuse Sector Conference is the first city-wide conference dedicated to materials exchange and reuse. The purpose of this event is to provide an opportunity to discuss best practices, weigh in on sector strategies, and network with other organizations.

NYC Reuse Directors Roundtable
The Reuse Directors Roundtable is a quarterly meeting, seeking to bring together leaders of the NYC Reuse Sector in order to discuss the issues facing us both as individual organizations and as a group, and to work on mutually-beneficial solutions

NYC Reuse Bussiness Collective
The NYC Reuse Business Collective is a network dedicated to developing, connecting and improving organizations that help support their missions from the retail sale of reusable items. Chaired by Robert Crocker, Director of Catholic Charities Community Services Thrift Store and Materials Exchange, the NYC Reuse Business Collective focuses its efforts on sharing best practices; increasing foot traffic and profitability; strategic partnerships and collaborative marketing.

Focus Groups & Strategic Partnership Committees
A platform for interested members to discuss best practices and organize partnership committees within the sector ultimately to strategize collective solutions and program. These groups form the strategic base and core of reuse sector collaborations, and many of NYC MEDP's city-funded programs and services have begun as member driven committees.