What We Do


MEDP aims to help promote local materials exchanges and reuse centers, and encourage their long term sustainability by providing a wide range of free services, including:
• Research & Development
• Informational Resources
• Networking & Support
• Educational & Professional Development Opportunities
• Donation Referrals


In 2007, MEDP carried out a comprehensive first-of-its-kind assessment of 34 NYC-based materials exchanges and reuse organizations. This assessment helped highlight the wide ranges of material handled by the sector. In addition, the assessment helped MEDP more fully understand the diverse venues by which the sector redistributes materials, including virtual and onsite materials exchanges, thrift stores, creative reuse centers, social services, and charitable donations programs.
MEDP continues to build its research programs, working closely with its members to examine the trends and impacts of the NYC reuse sector.

Among the current studies underway is full evaluation the environmental, social and economic impact of diverting materials from the waste stream through materials reuse and exchanges. This project, MEDP’s NYC Materials Reuse Data Management Project (DMP) is already underway in its first stage of implementation. For more information visit the DMP project page.

Information Resources

MEDP offers a series of informational resources for its reuse sector members, as well as to the general public, for purpose of generating awareness of both the benefits of reuse and the ceaseless work carried out by the organizations that manage the city’s reuse industry. Such resources include:
• An NYC Reuse Newsletter the NYC REUSE NEWS
• Outreach & Promotional Material
• Regular Sector Activity Reports
• Results of MEDP’s ongoing materials reuse & exchange research
• Interactive online resources for members

Networking & Support

MEDP is a one-stop resource for reuse organizations in the NYC area for a variety of networking and support opportunities, including:
• An annual NYC materials reuse conference
• Strategic focus groups & partnership committees
• Regular sector meetings, workshops & trainings

Education & Professional Development Opportunities

MEDP has developed and implemented a variety of workshops and trainings designed to assisted reuse programs and organizations in developing and improving their operations.

Most notably MEDP has developed the Materials Exchange Certificate Program, a series of eight interactive workshops that provide FREE professional development training for administrative staff and associates of reuse programs. Workshops in this series include: Goal Setting & Program Planning; Board & Volunteer Management; Marking; Tax Risk & Liability for Materials Donations; Budgeting & Fund-raising; Warehousing & Logisitics; Reuse Retail Store Management; and, Outcome Measurement.

Additional topic workshops and seminars have included: The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act; Don't Let the Donated Bedbugs Bite; and Donor Management.

Donation Referrals through NYC WasteMatch

MEDP operates NYC WasteMatch,a NYC Department of Sanitation-funded citywide materials exchange program targeting NYC businesses and nonprofit organizations. NYC WasteMatch offers solid-waste reduction and environmentally preferable purchasing assistance, and conducts informal research and development projects.

About NYC WasteMatch