Volunteer With or Without Your Baby!

Room to Grow

Volunteer - With or Without Your Baby!

Room to Grow is in need of reliable volunteers to help organize and process the donations of infant and toddler clothing, toys, books, and equipment. This is a great volunteer opportunity for students, retirees, and new parents - who are more than welcome to bring their non-mobile babies with them!

Volunteers, after filling out the volunteer application and attending a brief tour of the space, are able to come in Monday - Friday, from 9am to 5pm (in blocks of at least two hours at a time). Click here to find out more about the volunteer application process.

How You Can Help
Room to Grow has various needs throughout the year, such as their semi-annual seasonal switch of inventory in addition to their day-to-day needs. They are happy to accommodate corporate groups that are looking to provide help in their community. Additionally, New York Cares organizes volunteer groups at Room to Grow three times a month, on weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Click here for more information and to sign up with New York Cares.

Room to Grow is a fabulous organization that helps families with children under three years of age get the clothing and toys they need to grow up healthy and engaged. By donating your time, you are ensuring that the babies of New York City are getting what they need, and their families are able to survive the economic pressures that come with their new bundle of joy.