February 28, 2012

Eva Radke, founder and president of Film Biz Recycling (FBR), believes in a simple concept - "do what you love." So when FBR intern Alina Butnaru told Radke that what she really wanted to do was sew and create, Eva responded "then that's what you'll do!" Butnaru, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, has since developed what Radke calls an "entrepreneurship" in reuse as a part of her internship called Re-Stitch.

Setting up shop at Film Biz, Butnaru creates beautiful custom goods, available to Film Biz customers. With a pile of available materials on hand, anyone can pick from their choice of curtains, scraps and fabric ends, to have custom pillows, unique ties and much more made for them on site. With endless possibilities the Re-stitch program is ever-expanding. The current list of services includes alterations, costume development, custom sewing projects, tailoring and sewing lessons. With Radke's ethos that more freedom means more art and possibilities, the Re-stitch program has become a small, socially conscious, business that enables people to "explore the endless possibilities of art and design." To learn more or participate in this exciting program stop by Film Biz or visit them online.