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NYC MEDP’s membership serves as a conduit for NYC’s reuse community by providing support to the organizations which deal with reusable materials, helping to facilitate exchanges between them, while promoting and generating awareness of their activities to the general public. Membership with NYC MEDP provides a wide-range of FREE programs, services and support to its members. These benefits and services are designed to provide members with valuable education, networking and collaboration opportunities, as well as promotional support intended to develop sector/community relations.

The reuse community, also known as the “NYC reuse sector,” is a vibrant, growing group of organizations, businesses and individuals dedicated to expanding and promoting the practice of materials reuse. Given their low cost and large abundance, reusable materials provide a great benefit to our local economic, social and environmental sustainability. Reusable materials, in effect, constitute one of the city’s most valuable resources and solid waste management opportunities.


Who is eligible?
Any existing non-profit or government organization servicing New York City, which facilitates the exchange, sale or redistribution of second-hand reusable goods and materials.

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NOTE: Your program must be located in the five boroughs of New York City.


Who is eligible?
Affiliated organizations are defined as any existing for-profit organization servicing New York City, which facilitates the exchange, sale or redistribution of second-hand reusable goods and materials OR as any non-profit or for-profit, academic or government agency, organization, business, program or institution that does not facilitate the exchange, sale or redistribution of unwanted, yet usable, second-hand goods and materials; but which does perform any research, development or support in the social, economic and environmental areas connected to materials reuse and solid waste management.

Affiliated organizations also include private internal reuse programs. Private internal reuse program members are defined as any existing program within an institution, organization or business in New York City that facilitates an internal materials exchange of unwanted, yet usable, second-hand goods and materials.

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NOTE: Affiliated Organizational membership is NOT restricted to New York City-based entities only.


Who is eligible?
Employees, volunteers or board members of NYC MEDP member and affiliate member organizations.

Individual Membership Application

NOTE: You must be associated with or employed by a current NYC MEDP Member Organization or Affiliated Organization, and your membership is subject to your organizations approval.


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